It's Always the Patients Choice

1012 Memorial Drive, Suite 4 Griffin, GA 30223 Phone: 770-228-6371 Fax: 770-229-5443
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Mid-Georgia Respiratory, M.G.R. HOMECARE, INC.

Our Mission

To be effective, efficient, appropriate, timely, respectful, and responsive to our patients, physicians, referral source, and staff.

Mid-Georgia Respiratory, M.G.R. HOMECARE, INC. is dedicated to out-service its competition through its well defined structure, policy, procedures and/or protocols. We provide Catastrophic Home Life Support equipment and Respiratory services, in addition to durable medical equipment to our patients/beneficiaries/clients with safety and infection control as a primary focus. We monitor, measure, and maintain our equipment through monthly reporting mechanisms focused toward positive outcome. Our vision is to be:

EFFECTIVE: That is, that all evaluations are precise, thorough, relevant, and the educational guidance provided is practical and useful to the beneficiary.

EFFICIENT: That is, our equipment, supplies, products, care, and/or service is cost effective, requiring only those inputs necessary to support quality care and performance.

APPROPRIATE: That is, we shall select the appropriate equipment, supplies, products, and/or care/service for each individual.

TIMELY: That is, the care/service is made available when needed.

RESPECTFUL and RESPONSIVE: to patients, physicians, referral sources, and staff. That is, inquiries and/or concerns, whether verbal or written are substantively addressed in a courteous and caring manner.

Our Patients

We are committed to providing our patients/beneficiaries/clients and referral sources with high quality and responsive equipment/product/supplies care and service. We strive toward being fair, honest, courteous, and professional toward meeting their needs.

Our Organization

We are committed to the long-term profitability of every project we undertake. Our decisions are guided by economics without compromising our integrity. Through research and product planning, we seek to minimize risk and maintain a selective, conservative, knowledgeable approach to care and/or service. Our objective is to build economic value to the highest level possible for our organization.

Our People

We are committed to well-defined hiring protocols to match personality characteristics to positions which provide the employee a position using his/her strengths. We provide our employees with a base pay and then performance driven compensation based upon the success of M.G.R HOMECARE, INC. We maintain an open-door policy at all levels, encouraging the flow of communication and the exchange of ideas. We recognize the importance of each individual and his or her active role in the success of M.G.R. HOMECARE, INC. We expect our employees will be known for their loyalty, character, commitment, and confidence.

Our Industry

We are committed to leading the way within the Catastrophic Home Life Support and durable medical equipment industry by our integrity, innovation, client satisfaction, and financial strength. We respect the referral source professionals and other related industries that share in mutually profitable relationships. We understand this relationship may contribute greatly to our success.


We are committed to out-servicing our competition in providing quality at all professional and administrative levels. We believe in cost-effective decisions resulting in efficiency. We will not sacrifice quality, care and delivery of health care services to cost cutting. New ideas, which affect quality management and administrative systems, are constantly sought. We have made a major commitment to a quality management program. Our objectives are to maintain high quality service in all areas. This philosophy and concept of quality have been instilled in the values of our people.

Our Communities

We are committed to the enhancement of the communities in which we are a part through the economic viability and the value of our therapies and by our leadership and active participation in community affairs.